PHITSolutions provide a range of services to ensure every aspect of the process is coverered from Design to Online.


Requirements Analysis

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Our dedicated Business Analysts will meet with you to discuss your business needs in order to define the solution requirements from Branding, Look and Feel, Site Templates, Features, Functionality and Performance with no unnecessary extras. The Requirements Specification is baselined and used as reference for the Impact Assessments, Project Planning, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment Phases.

Impact Assessments

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Our Systems Analysts will design a Smart Solution which covers all the requirements in order to provide you with an accurate Impact Assessment for the Project. The Impact Assessment includes a high-level plan for the project with High Accuracy Estimates on Timelines and Costings for each Stage.

Project Planning

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Our Prince2 Certified Practitioner Project Managers will create a Project Plan to meet your unique requirements. Regular Checkpoints during each Stage ensure the deliverables are continually Fit for Purpose.

Project Management

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Our Project Managers will track and monitor the daily tasks to ensure Timelines, Costings and Quality Requirements are met. Our PM's will immediately raise any concerns or issues to get them resolved as efficiently as possible to keep the Project on track.

Post Project Support

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Our Support Engineers will monitor your Site and SEO to ensure everything is working correctly Post Project. Our Webmasters will assist with Changes, Updates, Enhancements and Maintenance to ensure each component of the Solution runs optimally and efficiently.


Custom Web-Design

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Our Web Designers have years of experience designering Websites that are Fully Responsive and Cross Platform to ensure accessibility via any device. Your Site Template and Style Sheet will be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Web-Development

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Our Web-Developers will create your Sites custom functionlity, animations, graphic and image effects. We'll also develop any custom calculators for automated Quoting.

Website Upgrades

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Have an existing site and need an Upgrade? We'll assess your needs and advise on suitable options to either Upgrade your existing site or Convert your existing information and content into a PHITSolution.

Website Conversions

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Convert your existing Site into a PHITSolution using your existing Sites Content to reduce timelines and costs. Your new site will have all the same Responsive and Platform features of a new PHITSolution. We'll also take over your Hosting Support to maintain your new Site.

Website Enhancements

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Let our Specialist Designers advise and guide you on Site Enhancements to improve your site with an updated Look and Feel, Information, Features, Functionality, Animations, Graphics, Images and Banners.


Webmaster Support

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Our dedicated Webmasters will assist with any Update Requirements for your Site. New information and content will be designed and optimised to fit in with the current setup and layout.

Search Engine Optimisation

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All PHITSolutions include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure your Site is picked up by the Major Search Engines and listed well in the results.

Google Search Registration

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Our Google Developers will Register and Verify your Site with Google Search as a PHITSolution.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Registration

Get your site registered on Google Analytics for various stats and monitoring of your SEO, Routing, Traffic and Information.

Updates & Maintenance

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Our Engineers perform regular maintenance updates on our Solutions to ensure the latest supported versions of all components are used for optimal performance. All maintenance updates are performed after hours to ensure minimal downtime while you focus on your Business.


Graphic Design

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Our Graphic Designers will assist with any custom requirements for personalised graphics for Email, Phone, Home, Contact Logos etc.

Customised Logo's

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Our Graphic Designers will create your new Company Logo Images to retrofit into your Site, Social Media, Letter Heads, Business Cards to ensure a consistent Company Brand across social media and company correspondence.

Banner Ads

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Our Web Designers will create customised Banner Ads for your specific requirements. Setup fixed images or animated banners to advertise your product or services.

Image Editing

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All images are edited and optimised for the web before being added to the Site to ensure optimal performace. Our editors will assist with any image editing requirements for the best visual presentation.


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Our Designers can assist with custom high-resolution photography of your products for our Editors to Crop, Resize, Alter, Effect, Transform, Modify and Optimise for high quality images.


Customised Software

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Our Software Developers will build customised Web-Application Functionility for your Business Requirements. Run a Customised Secure MySQL Database to manage changeable aspects of your Site in Realtime via Admin Forms.

Front-End Development

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Our Front-End Developers will create Custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Templates, Pages and Forms with any Front-End Graphic, Image, Animation or JavaScript Client Side functionality.


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We'll develop your customised calculator functionality for automated quoting and estimates based on your specific Business Rules and Logic requirements.

Integration Services

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Integrate your site with any 3rd Party Service Provider for custom integration requirements. Our Integration Designers will guide and assist you with the necessary information needed.

Service API's

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Create your own Service API for customers to integrate with for custom functionalty as per your requirements.


Website Branded

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Your PHITSolution will be designed with a consistent look and feel inline with your Company Brand requirements. All Logo's, Colours, Content, Graphics and Images will be aligned accordingly.

FaceBook Branded

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We'll assist in setting up your FaceBook Company Page with Profile Pic, Home Banner and any other content needed will be designed inline with your Company Brand.

LinkedIn Branded

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We'll assist in setting up your LinkedIn Company Page with Logo's, Banners and Content to match your Company Brand.

Branded Templates

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Let us setup your WORD Document Templates with your Logo's and Branding requirements to ensure all correspondence has a consistent Company Brand.

Business Cards

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Our Graphic Designers will create customised Business Cards inline with your Company Profile for the finishing touch..

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